Digitech Buderim have been building custom computers on the Sunshine Coast since 2003.

Due to the ability to match components for the desired application, custom built computers generally perform faster than pre-built off the shelf systems.

At Digitech Buderim, we welcome any and all requests for custom system builds.

Our staff are computer enthusiasts and have years of experience designing, building and configuring high performance systems.

No matter what your budget, we can build a system that meets your requirements.

Whether it be a system for high definition video editing, audio recording, industrial machinery control, home entertainment, or an extreme gaming behemoth, we will build anything.

Although we always use quality components in all our computer systems, with our high end systems we go a step further and use only the very best.

With a focus on performance, airflow, cooling and noise levels, we can provide a variety of enclosure and thermal control options to suit any budget, including aluminium chassis, after-market heatsinks, fan controllers and even liquid cooling.














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