Data recovery from all brands including Desktop, Laptop, External, Portable and, NAS (Network attached storage).

Hard drive data recovery overview:

Common Problems


Computer won't start up
Deleted overwritten, formatted or virus
Unable to access hard drive or data
Dropped or shocked

Clicking or scratching noises
Power surge
Password locked
Fire, flood or physical damage


Data recovery from hard drives can be simple to complex.

Statistically speaking the odds for success are in your favour. Approximately 90% of all failures can be recovered. This is an industry standard. So don't panic we understand that experiencing sudden data loss can cause distress. All our work is conducted with the strictest confidentiality and security.

If your data is important we strongly advise against giving your device to someone who will experiment for solutions as this can cause data loss or require additional service and cost. Never dispose of any components as they may be necessary for data recovery. For time sensitive cases please advise us so we can meet additional service requirements.

If this doesn't answer all your questions give us a call, we are passionate about data recovery and are here to help! Your next step is to get your device to us for the evaluation. If you already have a spare drive it may be more convenient to bring it with you. We also keep a range of high quality drives available for purchase.


 File types:

We can recover from all computer systems regardless of operating system. Whether it's Windows or Mac we can recover your data. Common personal data we recover are photos, videos and documents. Common business data we recover is documents, emails, spreadsheets, databases and accounts.





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