Why do I need a UPS?


What would happen if the power to your computer failed, even for a moment, while you were doing something important?

The file you currently had open with unsaved work might be gone. School assignments, accounting program entries, photo editing changes, any unsaved work would be lost.

Any interruption to the power supply to your computer system will cause it to shut down without warning and data may be lost or corrupted, and in worse case scenarios can even cause damage to system hardware. Many computer issues are caused by power quality problems, not just power failure.

Surges, spikes and variable power events cause undue strain on electrical hardware components even if the system remains powered on.

Whilst a surge protecting power board will provided limited protecting from electrical spikes, a good quality line-interactive Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is designed to do even more.

A UPS can smooth out the power delivered to your important connected equipment, provide a short battery backup and can be configured to automatically, and safely, shut down the equipment if a power outage lasts for an extended period. Contact us to find out about the best UPS solution for your equipment.


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