About Us

Our Mission
To make everyday technology simple, easy to use and hassle free.

A Little About Us
We believe that technology should give you time back, not take it away. In a world where time is increasingly precious, we do our upmost to ensure; your stuff keeps working, runs smoothly and lasts as long as possible.

When it doesn’t, we’ll fix it as quickly as possible and with the minimum of disturbance to your working day.

We appreciate that the IT world is full of jargon and open to a range of misunderstandings. We do our best to keep it simple, to leave out the tech talk wherever possible and to ensure that you are kept in the know, using language that you can understand.

Above all, we seek to provide service at the highest level, before and after sales. Sometimes that’s just being on the phone, to help you when you’re in a pickle! Sometimes that’s keeping the store open because your running late, or being at your office before you start work. Sometimes it’s just caring when others don’t.